Laura Jordan-Bambach

Laura Jordan-Bambach


For 20 years, Laura has brought her fresh and experimental approach to digital. Combining tech insights with passionate storytelling, she has won numerous awards for her commercial work and been recognised globally as an innovator and industry leader.

Laura, former president of D&AD, has recently been named one of Britain's most influential people within the Debrett's 500 annual list for the second year running, scooped up Individual of the Year at the Dadi Awards 2014 and even been awarded an honorary doctorate for her services to graphic design.

Under her stewardship as Creative Partner, Soho based agency, Mr. President has recently been awarded Creative Agency of the Year by The Drum and the IAB, a fine achievement for an agency just three years old.

Laura is also a co-founder of SheSays, a global volunteer network which works to get more women into the creative industries.

Laura lectures around the world extensively and was recently invited to be part of the Facebook Creative Council, a think tank to help steer the future of social.

And if that wasn't enough, Laura is also a trained taxidermist.


The Death of the Creative Director

The most awarded digital work in old-school advertising channels this year is for a piece of service design.

So, good award winning work is driven as much by innovation, technology and audience as by those traditional "creative" ideas.

Relationships are so much more important than campaigns, and building a believable brand is the only realistic creative point of view.

How does that leave the whole concept of the "big idea"? And you you how do you effectively bring together tech and creative to really, PROPERLY kick arse?

Join us to celebrate the big digital idea mashup, and find out how to propel your projects into the brave new world from the inside out.

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