Peter Elst

Peter Elst


Peter Elst is a certified Flash developer, Adobe Community Expert, and User Group Manager for the MMUG Belgium.

As the managing director of MindStudio, a freelance Flash platform consultant, and a respected member of the online community, Peter has spoken at various international industry events and published his work in leading journals.

Most recently Peter was the lead author of Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8 (Friends of ED, 2006).


The Secret Life of a Flash Freelancer

This session looks at the good, the bad and the ugly of life as a freelance Flash developer/consultant.

We'll cover various practical considerations like setting your price, time management and preventing feature creep as well as aspects like balancing work and personal life.

What does it take to go freelance? Is it something I'm cut out for? Those are the type of questions that will get addressed in this session.

Peter will share some tricks of the trade that will help you become more productive and have you learn from his mistakes so you don't have to make them.

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