Branden Hall

Branden Hall


Branden Hall is co-principal and CTO of Automata Studios, a consulting and development studio located outside of Washington D.C.

Branden has been involved with Flash and the Flash community since 1998.

He has been busy since then speaking at conferences, founding the Flashcoders mailing list, writing a number of articles and books on all sorts of web technologies, and, oh yeah, writing code. Branden lives in Maryland with his wife Patti, his son Kai and three very ferocious (at least they like to think so) cats.


HYPE: Combining Creativity & Code

Flash used to be fun. The code wasn't pretty, but everyone, designers AND developers were digging in and doing awesome, inspiring work.

Then Flash grew up. It needed to grow up, but it did so in a way that blocked a lot of designers and other "creatives" from following. You had to have a real background in programming to even get started.

That's where HYPE comes in - it's a creative coding framework that makes ActionScript 3 easier and more productive for everyone.

It provides both a set of tools for making many difficult and painful tasks easier and a framework to help bring new ideas to life. It's a buffet of code that lets you take what you want and use it the way you want.

In this session Branden (developer and co-creator, along with Joshua Davis) will introduce the you to HYPE - what it gives you, how to use it, and how you can leverage it for both play and work.

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