Chris Pelsor

Chris Pelsor


Chris Pelsor is an interactive developer with Bleed Design Studio ( in Oslo, Norway.

With experience in mobile, desktop, and web application development, he has worked for many clients including Adobe, Microsoft, Pepsi, and Vodafone.

He was a contributor to the book 'Flash: The Future', and has spoken at engagements in New York City, Cannes, Trondheim, and Oslo.


Trust, Communication, Honesty: Pick Two

When people discuss workflow, we usually focus on which methodology we are using, whether sprint meetings or pair programming is best, or which bridging technologies ease the handoff of assets.

What we don't usually talk about is how to handle the social dynamic when the project is starting, when it is ending, and when it falls apart in the middle.

In this talk, we will discuss the social aspects of workflow. What can be done to ease the process, and how we can create a solid foundation on which to build a workflow that works for you.

From there, we deconstruct what makes for a good workflow, and learn how to piece together our own based on what we are doing, where we are doing it, and how it needs to be done.


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