Doug McCune

Doug McCune


Doug is a data junkie. He's not content to simply listen to the news report about local crime, he needs to get the data and map it himself (how else are you going to learn where to find all the narcotics activity in San Francisco?). Doug's current obsessions include mapping absurd things like the prostitution activity of his city, the destruction caused by hurricanes, and the most likely places cops pull you over for DUIs. Luckily, he gets to play with all these things during his day job and pretend like it's work.

Doug has been doing Flex development for the past three years with the group of talented developers at Universal Mind. During that time he helped launch SpatialKey, which is the best damn geospatial mapping application you've ever seen.

He's also the co-author of Flex 3.0 for Dummies, which was an ordeal to write but great to have completed. Doug has spoken at conferences such as 360|Flex, CFUnited, FOTB (in 2008), and RIAdventure.


Data Visualization Will Change Your Life

It's estimated that in 2010 we will have produced 988 exabytes of digital data.

In English units that's known as a "metric shit-ton." Our entire lives are being captured and stored away, streamed out instantly to the entire world on Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, etc.

Every crime in your city, every gene in your DNA, every picture taken, video filmed, moment experienced... all of it captured digitally. But how the hell are we supposed to make any sense out of all this data?

We'll dive into the thing that ties it all together: data visualization.

This session will explore a brief history of data viz and we'll jump into a few new examples I've been playing with, from serious business like crime representation to silliness like hooking myself up to sensors to track arousal.

In the end I hope you walk away believing, as I do, that the work we do representing data is some of the most important work of our generation.


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