Florian Schmitt


Florian is the Executive Creative Director of Hi-ReS!, a creative agency he founded in 1999. Hi-ReS! is an acronym for 'Handsome information - Radical entertainment Systems!'

With Hi-ReS!'s original work rooted in fine art, product design, film and music, they eventually combined all their separate disciplines in one medium and started to experiment with interactive technology. Their first self-initiated project,, garnered worldwide attention, and led to commercial work, most importantly the website for the film Requiem for a Dream by director Darren Aronofsky whom they collaborate with to date, currently on his new film Noah.

Hi-ReS! has over the years achieved the highest accolades for digital media including D&AD Silver, Cannes Cyberlions, Clios, One Shows, BAFTA and Webby awards.

Over 15 years, they have established strong relationships with brands such as Paramount, Warner Brothers, Jagermeister and Chanel among others, while continuously challenging themselves by trying their hands on books, magazines, live action, sculpture and events.

Hi-ReS! now consists of 3 studios in London, New York and Berlin.

Florian also runs <a href=""Nanika">"">Nanika with Andreas Muller, focusing on emerging technologies and interactive installation work beyond traditional input and output for clients such as Hyundai, Nokia and Sony.


Business in the front - arty in the back.

How can you continuously challenge yourself and clients in an industry that is growing up fast and has become more accountable than it was 10 years ago?

How do you stay naive, wide-eyed and stupid in a world of specialists and experts? How can you create value in a world dominated by trivia?

We're not saying we have all the answers, but sometimes asking the right questions will set you off on the right path. Come and find out with us how we keep sane...

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