Frank Reitberger


Frank’s professional talents spanning design, programming, creative development are as unexpectedly daring as his side interest – blazing down mountain trails as an aged skateboard and snowboard enthusiast. His career fascinations extend to all kinds of computer and game graphics, WebGL, 3D and shaders, procedural driven and generative design, interactive design and digital beauty, which altogether are the results of simple mathematical or algorithmic processes. For Frank, the creative process is in writing his own software, programs and scripts to play, explore, experiment and generate beauty with code and numbers.


Triangle affairs

...what if triangles connect to each other?

In our days simple 2D- and 3D-wireframes are, due to disposable 3D-engines, no rarity in Flash any more. But common usage mostly ends up building cubes, spheres, cylinders and planes. And that's it? There is so much more to achieve when using triangulation.

From 2D image processing by using simple or complex meshes and triangulation methods through to building high-res 3D surfaces and realtime effects. Frank shows amorphous seeming, fluid like implicit surfaces, that are suitable to simulate and represent liquid substances and conditions (like water for instance).

Beyond that Frank will be showing filters and effects in Flash that are driven by an Arduino Board. Even hair dryers and waterguns play a big role in his session. Caution! It's gonna be wet in there...

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