Joshua Hirsch

Joshua Hirsch


Shortly after retiring from rock stardom, Joshua became Big Spaceship's Minister of Technology in 2002. Once the agency's sole coder, he is now a mentor and leader of the development team responsible for building numerous award-winning digital projects.

Overseeing R&D efforts, he is a continual supplier of technical solutions and innovations. Josh is a member of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences and a long-standing adviser on Adobe product launches.

He shares his expertise at industry conferences, instructional workshops and awards panels throughout the world. He is also a video game aficionado.

An innovation-led digital creative agency, Big Spaceship partners with brands to create deeply engaging experiences, products and relationships.

Telling stories and starting conversations across the digital landscape, the company has garnered countless accolades for its work, including One Show, Clio, Webby and Cannes Lion awards. Big Spaceship holds more FWAs than any other firm and was the first American agency inducted into the FWA's Hall of Fame.


Summer Fridays

Doing creative work for clients all day every day is a good way to burn out quickly, even if the work is sexy. This summer, we implemeted a Friday afternoon ban on client work at Big Spaceship, devoting that time to a number of internal projects.

Ideas for projects can be submitted by anyone on the crew, and vary from websites, to physical creations, to mobile apps, to whatever. Not only does this keep the crew energized, but it is a great way to learn new techniques, step out of our comfort zone, and broaden our capabilities. All of these benefits feed directly into the growth of each crew member and the company.

In this session, Josh will talk about some of the process and philosophy around idea collection and execution of these projects, while showing examples of recent internal work. Keep it simple, prototype, experiment, iterate, its ok to fail, have fun with it.


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