Julien Vallée


Julien Vallée studied graphic design at the Université du Québec à Montréal . He was then awarded a scholarship to study at the Penninghen School of Graphic Arts in Paris and received training from international designers such as Stefan Sagmeister . Since then, Julien Vallée's visual work has gained several recognitions such as the ADC Young Guns in New York , and his work has been published in several books and magazines including Tactile, Tangible and Fully Booked. He has also participated in several exhibitions in the United Kingdom , Berlin , Zurich , Montreal , Barcelona, ​​the United States and Seoul . Through its plastic experiments and its professional projects, it tends to reinvest in other ways the technologies of synthetic image, in particular by combining a phase of digital design with tangible and simple means of implementation such as cardboard, mirrors, plastic Or wood. In November 2011, he published under the banner of the German publisher Gestalten a book entitled Rock, Paper, Scissors - The Work of Julien Vallée.


Storytelling, playfulness and experimentation

The way we see and feel things is always closely linked to our own personal life experience.

Whether you're looking at a design piece or listening to a friend talking, what you perseve and remember is depending on what you have seen and felt up to now in your life. No one will interpret it the exact same way you do.

When it comes to client's needs, you use all your life experience to communicate as best as possible what you think is right for this project.

And there is always more than one solution that can be considered the best one.

Julien's process is about trying new things and experimenting new ways of interpreting a project.

In this session, he will share the process of his work and the professional philosophy he tries to implement on a daily basis as an artist.