Mark Doherty


Mark is the Platform Evangelist for Mobile and Devices at Adobe, working to create a vibrant ecosystem around Flash and AIR for smartphones, tablets and televisions. He has spent ten years working in the mobile industry, including six years at Adobe working with the worlds leading OEMs, and enabling Flash to ship on over a Billion devices. Prior to this, Mark has worked with Mobile Innovation, Nokia, Samsung and Panasonic holding engineering and consulting roles.


AIR 2.5 for Android

Ever wanted to extend Flash Player 10.1?

Do you need multi-touch in your mobile application?

Well, in this session Mark will walk through the new features of AIR 2.5 Beta on Android covering all the major features, including Geolocation, Gestures, StageWebView, Camera and Microphone APIs.

We're going to build a complex application using both Flash Professional and Flash Builder, it might even look good!