Mike Chambers

Mike Chambers


Mike Chambers has spent the last 8 years building applications that target the Flash runtime. During that time, he has worked with numerous technologies including Flash, Generator, Central, Flex, and Ajax.

He is currently in charge of developer relations for Apollo, a project which aims to bring the power of Rich Internet Applications to the desktop.

Mike is a Senior Product Manager for Developer Relations at Adobe. He has co-authored a number of books and articles, and spoken at numerous conferences.


High Performance Mobile Content with Flash

With the release of Flash Player 10.1 and the forth coming Adobe AIR 2.5, Flash developers can target their Flash content to multiple screens and devices.

In this session, Mike will discuss strategies for building high performance Flash based content and content for smart phones with an emphasis on Android based devices.

He will cover some of the new APIs, which enable hardware accelerated rendering, as well as general development strategies and patterns to enable you to get the best performance from your content.

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