Niqui Merret

Niqui Merret


Niqui has been a Macromedia instructor in digital design applications for over 8 years, and has been a regular speaker at MMUG meetings in both South Africa and the UK. She has also contributed articles to the Macromedia MX Developers Journal and was previously the Macromedia Director Section Editor for the magazine.

Niqui was one of the earliest eLearning developers in South Africa and her HIV/AIDS product is being used by many South African companies to educate staff on prevention and assisting those living with AIDS in extending their life expectancy, as well as maintaining quality of life. She has also spent time in Mozambique where she assisted UNESCO in compiling an eLearning project on Malaria.

Niqui currently runs a small development studio in Surrey. She is particularly passionate about ensuring accessibility and usability on multiple devices. She is currently examining standards for Flash developers with regard to accessibility and usability, with a view to contributing substantially to the debate.


Bugs, gotta catch 'em all

"My code is so perfect I never have any bugs"

Yeah right...

In your dreams perhaps?

Let's be honest, we all end up in a situation where we need to do a bit of bug fixing. Some people are less fortunate and have to fix other peoples bugs. Niqui has been in that situation a good few times and has developed a few techniques to move projects through to a version ready for release.

Niqui will spend this session introducing core problem solving techniques, reviewing tools to assist with debugging and generally put a positive light on the dreaded situation that most of us find ourselves in at one point or other.


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