Peter Elst

Peter Elst


Peter Elst is a certified Flash developer, Adobe Community Expert, and User Group Manager for the MMUG Belgium.

As the managing director of MindStudio, a freelance Flash platform consultant, and a respected member of the online community, Peter has spoken at various international industry events and published his work in leading journals.

Most recently Peter was the lead author of Object-Oriented ActionScript for Flash 8 (Friends of ED, 2006).


Big boys and their litl toys

Flash Player is practically everywhere, and one of those places is a cool device called the litl webbook.

Litl supports Flash Player 10.1, has its own SDK with custom controls and an ActionScript 3.0 class library to help you create content and listen for device events.

In this session you'll learn all you need to get started creating your own channels, testing in the simulator and on the device itself. We'll deconstruct various creative examples as well as look at best practices for Flash Player 10.1 development on devices in general.

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