Ralph Hauwert

Ralph Hauwert


Ralph Hauwert is a Dutch Flash Platform expert, focused on creating new and innovative appliances for the Web. He works as a freelance consultant and developer of rich Internet experiences, using such technologies as Papervision3D, ActionScript, and AIR.

Ralph has joined Aviary to provide even more online content creation tools to be used by the online community. Currently, this super secret tool within the Aviary project is still unannounced.

As an industry recognized leader in the field of Flash 3D, and a well-known figure within the Flash Open Source movement, he spends a lot of his ""play time"" on such projects as Papervision3D and Rhonda Forever, the 3D sketching application project created by Amit Pitaru and James Paterson.

With more then a decade of experience on the Flash Platform, Ralph is a frequent speaker at technology and design-centric events. As a former core member of the Papervision3D team, together with Carlos Ulloa and John Grden, Ralph has also conducted many workshops exploring the relatively new field of Flash 3D.

Ralph is a proud ambassador for the Dutch Adobe usergroup.


UnitZeroOne :: The Discontinuity

In this brand-new session, Ralph will share both the practical and conceptual ideas behind his ventures into creative coding.

Whilst discussion code and visual programming, Ralph will take you on a ride through some erratic thinking and how it all comes together, from snippet of code to visual concept.

Using his experimental and professional work as a guideline, Ralph will show that discontinuity in math, code and thought leads to some interesting results and paths.


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