Stephen Downs



Tink (a.k.a. Stephen Downs) is the founder and owner of Tink Ltd a growing Flash Platform design and development company rooted in London.

He runs the LFPUG (London Flash Platform User Group) and has spoke at various events around the world and co-authored Flash 8 Essentials.

His primary focus is user interaction and interactive motion, integrating design and development using best practice methodologies with an attention to detail.

He's loud, hairy, argumentative, suffers from slow equity release and one method short of a full working application. Who's round is it?


Spot the Difference: Flex 4

In this session we'll take a look at the what's new in Flex 4 and how the Spark components compare to their MX counterparts.

We'll walk through some isolated Spark examples and have a look at the code and how it differs to the MX approach.

There's a lot to cram in!


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