Chris Georgenes

Chris Georgenes


Chris Georgenes is Art and Animation Director for Acclaim Games. Prior to Acclaim, Chris spent eight years as a freelance Flash designer and animator for clients such as Adobe, Microsoft, Ogilvy, Digitas, Yahoo!, and AOL, to name a few.

His work has also appeared on broadcast networks such as ABC, HBO, and the Cartoon Network. He maintains as his online portfolio and as his blog, animation resource, and discussion forum. Chris is the author of How to Cheat in Adobe Flash CS4 (Focal Press) and is currently writing Flash Studio Techniques (Adobe Press/Peachpit Press).

When Chris isn't designing, animating, or writing, he teaches the Flash animation course for, is an active Adobe Certified Expert member, continues a 32-year career playing drums in a professional Motown dance band, and somehow balances the rest of his time with his wonderfully supportive family.


Flash Animation: The Nuts & Bolts

So how do you put it all together when it comes to creating a Flash animation?

We're talking about the down and dirty techniques that only the pros tend to keep to themselves.

You know the stuff - character rigging, setting up scenes, file management, exporting, video editing, sound recording and all the little details that have you banging your head against your keyboard at 2:30am before a deadline!

Enter the world that Chris thrives in and prepare to get busy on the design and animation side of Adobe Flash!