Cyriak Harris


In 2004 I began infecting the internet with my surreal animations. This was mainly for my own amusement, but after a couple of years it ended up being my job.

The software I use is Adobe After Effects, which I use and abuse to create weird photo and video montages for adverts, tv shows and music videos.

I currently live in the middle of nowhere in Hampshire, where I fight a continuing battle against the forces of death and decay whilst working on my own, with only a tenuous broadband connection to remind me that the outside world exists.


Destroying My Laptop With After Effects

This year I shall be attempting to run After Effects on my laptop and make an animation in front of a live audience.

It usually takes me a whole day to make 10 seconds of animation so god knows what I will manage to produce in an hour, but it might provide an interesting and informative insight into the way I work.

Or at the very least it should give you an idea of what hell is like.


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