David Lenaerts

David Lenaerts


David is a freelance programmer and graphics developer based in Belgium with a strong preference for visually applied mathematics and physics in 2D and 3D.

He spends most of his time locked inside, babbling incoherently, smashing his keyboard and drinking coffee.

To pass the time between cups, he likes to create visually rich games, applications and graphics experiments.

During off moments when not coding, David is a bit of a Lego nut, a gaming enthusiast and wannabe musician known to abuse a musical instrument or two.


Keeping It Real

Creating imagery through code, there's just something about it. Yet not everyone is blessed with insane design skills.

Not everyone can wield a virtual paint brush to create another masterpiece. There are those, the artistically challenged visual coder, who must look elsewhere for inspiration.

Luckily, there's plenty of cues to take from the very world around us. Armed with a healthy dose of Pixel Bender, Away3D, and whatever technology we can get our hands on, we'll try and get some of the real world into the virtual realm.

Whether it's for game graphics, visual effects or simply to spice up a site; those artsy people haven't seen the last of us! And with GPU support around the corner, we're only getting started...


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