Frank Reitberger


Frank’s professional talents spanning design, programming, creative development are as unexpectedly daring as his side interest – blazing down mountain trails as an aged skateboard and snowboard enthusiast. His career fascinations extend to all kinds of computer and game graphics, WebGL, 3D and shaders, procedural driven and generative design, interactive design and digital beauty, which altogether are the results of simple mathematical or algorithmic processes. For Frank, the creative process is in writing his own software, programs and scripts to play, explore, experiment and generate beauty with code and numbers.



A.K.A Burn that GPU, baby!

In our days, whether in movies, videogames and of course webproductions, awesome special-effects and gimmicks are that little extra something making all the difference!

In this session Frank will dig into those field of applications and start programming procedural driven efx with Flash to use in realtime.

Beginning our journey with ray tracing and other pixel per pixel concepts to working with isosurfaces to procedural driven landscapes.

From Alchemy to Pixel Bender and back to Flash: Frank has packed together his latest experiments & lots of demos for this journey.

Oh yes, ......
of course, we're going to visit a 'Molehill' too.

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