Joa Ebert

Joa Ebert


Joa Ebert is a non-blocking lock-free greedy coloring humanoid, specializing in technology hacks of the metaverse.

Started programming at the age of 8 and a FutureSplash developer since 96, Joa continuously honed his skills in founding and failing startups. Since he spent more than 71.4% of his lifetime as a coder he came to the conclusion that technology and writing code is a mess but is stuck in an infinite recursion until the universe stack overflows.

With an interest in the deep understanding of things, he (tries to) works on virtual machines and programming languages in his spare time. Sometimes he is pursuing the mastery of puff pastry.

Joa co-founded defrac in 2013 and has been working 169 hours a week ever since.


The Tale Of A Travelling Salesman And His Four Colours.

In 1736 Leonhard Euler published his Solutio problematis ad geometriam situs pertinentis, the first paper in the history of graph theory.

Fast-forward 275 years and we are in a world where graphs are omnipresent. They can be found in nature, arts & culture, mathematics and computer science -- yet we still have a hard time noticing and understanding them.

This session is for the curious and inquiring. Let Joa show you the beautiful world of graphs, big data, collaborative filtering and visualisations.

A graph can help solve a simple problem like "getting dressed" as well as complicated ones like "you might also like xyz".

This session aims to inspire you to look for graphs in your programming problems and introduce you to new ideas about datamining and -visualisation.


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