Lee Brimelow

Lee Brimelow


Lee Brimelow is a Platform Evangelist with Adobe. He has previously worked for McDonald's, Papa Ginos, Namco Pool Supply, Grand Targhee Ski Resort, Mack Dawg Productions, Barton Security,, AOL, Netscape, eBay, Stanford University, and frog design.

Lee is currently interested in mobile web development, Flash video, and everything Android.

Lee loves MMA, BJJ, tennis, lifting, eating, beer, TV, Ethan, and Giovanna.


Render For Speed

Now that mobile computing has completely taken over, how you render your content is more important than ever. This session will teach you all over the various rendering options available to you in Flash and also the pros and cons of each. These methods include blitting, partial blitting, dirty blitting, GPU caching, as well as the new Stage 3D APIs.

In addition to covering render techniques for the Flash Player, I will also talk about how these same techniques can be applied to HTML5 and native mobile development.

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