Rich Shupe

Rich Shupe


Rich is the founder and president of FMA, a full-service multimedia development and training company in New York.

He teaches Flash, Director, JavaScript, digital video and audio, and more in FMA's state-of-the-art training facility.

Rich is a faculty member at New York's School of Visual Arts. teaching in the undergraduate and graduate programs. He is a technical writer and the author of two books, including Flash 8: Projects for Learning Animation and Interactivity (O'Reilly). Clients include McGraw-Hill, Pearson Education, Apple Computer, IBM, and Loews Theaters.


Multi-Platform Web Video Delivery

Welcome to 1997! Just when you thought platform and browser compatibility issues were behind you, along comes HTML5.

Despite the Kool-Aid flying off the shelves, HTML5 is not an author-once solution. In fact, when it comes to video, the only consistent thing about it is the

Different browsers support different video codecs, meaning that one video won't currently play in all major browsers. That is, unless you use Flash. Problem solved? No!

Even if you can rely on a plugin architecture for your video playback needs, iOS devices (for example) don't currently support Flash. That means that iPhone and iPad users can't view Flash content and you're back to picking sides.

Unfortunately, it's up to you to deal with this compatibility mine field. This session will try to discuss different ways to optimize video delivery for multiple platforms and playback technologies.

We'll discuss popular video codecs like Theora, H.264, and WebM, and speculate about the evolving HTML5 specification.

We'll also show you how to code a flexible playback solution that will use HTML5 and Flash to present video to the widest possible audience.

We don't know exactly what will happen in the future of web delivery, but we can use the knowledge we have today to make things easier for ourselves and our audiences.

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