Rob Bateman

Rob Bateman


Web obsessive graphics geek Rob Bateman is founder and organiser of The Away Foundation, a non-profit company that creates feely available resources for use by web professionals.

He started out by co-creating The Away3D engine in 2007, and has been developing and promoting open source tools and libraries ever since.

These days, the libraries produced by his company are used by thousands of organisations and freelancers around the world to power graphically rich interactive experiences and games.


Flash 11: Get Ready For Gametime

Like a phoenix rising from a pile of brand website corpses, Flash 11 could potentially hail a renaissance for Adobe in the way people think about and use the Flash Player.

The main component of the release is the much talked about Molehill APIs that allow Flash direct access to the GPU grunt once the preserve of desktop-only development. It is from here we see the seeds of change being sown - most applicably in the field of browser-based gaming.

But this is far from the end of the story. With the possibility of fast paced graphics now thrown wide open, what new horizons are we looking at for Flash? And where do we turn for the tools, techniques and frameworks that will grant us the ability to harness this power?

At the London-based educational apps startup Mindshapes, Rob Bateman and his team have been finding out the hard way... with surprising results.

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