Sarah Parmenter

Sarah Parmenter


Sarah Parmenter is one of the funniest, nicest, and most impressive designer/entrepreneurs I know.

She plunged into this toughly competitive profession at 19, an age when most of us weren’t capable of plunging into anything. Scant years later, she has built an internationally respected web and iOS design practice, with clients including Blackberry, News International, STV, and the National Breast Cancer Foundation of America. A jet-setting speaker, Sarah excels at teaching, and she is a riot with a few cocktails in her.

She is also a professional singer and actress, and co-hosts a popular weekly design podcast. In 2011, at .net Magazine’s annual awards show, Sarah’s peers voted her ‘Designer of the Year’. She can probably levitate.


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Sarah will be showing you how to design beautiful interfaces for iOS devices.

Evolving what you already know as a web designer and creatively using this knowledge to construct iOS specific websites and apps.

Stuffed with practical knowledge, you'll need a large notepad!

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