Seb Lee-Delisle


Seb has been a multimedia programmer for over 15 years. He combines his eye for design and animation with his understanding of maths and physics to give his work that extra flare and sparkle.

Over the last 5 years he has specialised in game development, focussing on particularly complex high-profile projects and high-traffic sites. Notable clients include BBC, Sony, Philips, Unilever. and Barclays.

Seb's games have pushed the boundaries of 3D and physics simulations in Flash, and he has developed a reusable Flash 3D engine that handles light sourcing, texture mapping, and video integration.

He is regularly invited to speak about his work with various organisations, such as FlashForward, Sussex University and FlashCodersNewYork. He is known for his ability to communicate seemingly complex subject-matter in a friendly and accessible way.


Pixels For The People

Seb is known for large scale installations and events that bring people together using technology, whether it's interactive digital fireworks, or glowstick voting systems.

In this brand new session, he reveals his latest project - PhonePixels, making good use of the space in the Dome and stretching the wi-fi network to its limits! The software will connect to all the smart phones, turning each member of the audience into a single pixel of a huge pulsating display.

We'll then look at ways to use PhonePixels to create unique events where the audience can truly become part of the performance.

Bring your iPhones, iPads and Flash enabled Android devices! Oh and probably worth charging them up beforehand. :-)

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