Stefan Richter

Stefan Richter


Stefan is an Adobe Certified Trainer and Developer who has been working with Flash Media Server since its inception.

His company handles a variety of projects for an international client base including ITV, Unilever, Tate Modern and CNET.

Stefan has spoken at many industry events and his website is one of the largest resources on Flash Media Server and related technologies.

He is the co-author of the Hands-on Guide to Flash Video, published by Elsevier in 2007, and has published many articles for various print publications and online magazines.


Aws(Omeness) - An Intro To Amazon Web Services

We've all heard of Amazon Web Services (not least because of the major outage they suffered in April), but what exactly is AWS and how can you leverage this feature-rich platform in your next project?

If you want to tell apart your EC2 from your S3, and your EBS from your RDS then this session is for you.

I will give you an overview of Amazon Web Services - no prior knowledge required - with a specific look at EC2, storage and database options as well as ways to run your own blog or static website on AWS.

You will learn about the benefits that AWS can bring to both your development and production environment, how you can spin up your own data center at a moment's notice and find out how AWS makes it possible to build a scalable and reliable online service from your bedroom.


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