Thomas Vian


I'm Tom Vian, a freelance game developer working in and around Surrey, UK with my artist brother Adam. I mainly use Flash/AS3, where I have over 8 years of experience, but I've started making iOS games too.


All Aboard The Game Engine

At the heart of every computer game lies the game engine, the code that makes it all tick.

Recently, Flash games have benefitted from a great selection of open source game engines to pick and choose from, allowing you to concentrate on gameplay and shininess.

But which is right for your game? How does each work it's magic? Should you build your own from scratch?

In this session, we'll cover the most popular game engines, what they can offer you and how to use them in your own games. We'll also take a look at how to put together your own engine if the need arises.

Expect example games, a smattering of code and bad train puns.