Alan Klement

Alan Klement


Alan Klement helps teams and individuals become great at making and selling products that people will buy. His own experience as a successful innovator and entrepreneur is what make him effective at helping others. He has applied successfully Jobs to be Done theory to his own businesses and has helped many others do the same.

On October 2nd, Alan released the first book dedicated to Jobs to be Done (JTBD): "When Coffee and Kale Compete". It develops Jobs to be Done theory and features interviews with entrepreneurs who've applied Jobs to be Done to create successful companies and products. It is a book dedicated to helping you become better at creating and selling products that people will buy.


One Codebase, Many Targets

Now more than ever, developers and designers need to be able to create workflows in order to build applications that can deploy across desktops, browsers and mobile devices.

Just as we become comfortable with a workflow, technology throws us a curve ball.

Explore techniques for modular project development and how it will organize your code, consolidate design assets and be used to deploy for multiple targets.

While developers will benefit most, designers will learn how to be involved as well.

The session will be a live coding demo which will touch on workspaces, project references, refactoring, projects dedicated to designers, project inheritance and how to deploy to desktop, multiple mobile devices and web all in one keystroke.