André Michelle

André Michelle


Andre Michelle lives in Cologne Germany

Since 1998 he always liked to explore the limitations of browser based applications and even talked Adobe into implementing a proper sound API in the Flashplayer.

Formerly being a Techno DJ in the 90s he started being focussed on audio programming in 2007. His first emulation of the TR909 drum-computer was the foundation of the online music workstation which community has grown to half a million users.


Audio Code Clash

You love sounds. You love music. You love coding.

Then this session is for you! Andre Michelle presents Tonfall - an opensource audio framework to code sound and music pieces in Actionscript.

Not less than close to the audio engine of, an online music application entirely run in the Flashplayer.

Andre will showcase a lot of examples, which makes you want to dive more into audio programming.

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