Chris Black

Chris Black


Chris Black is a senior software engineer at MentorMate who focuses on native development for Android and iOS devices. Chris has a degree in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin – Eau Claire.

He has taught a number of courses on interactive development as adjunct faculty at the Art Institutes International and MCAD. Chris has a strong interest in connecting mobile devices to physical hardware through the use of Arduino boards. He covers a number of mobile related topics on his blog, When he’s away from the computer he enjoys rock climbing, backpacking, and kayaking.


Building Apps for the BlackBerry PlayBook

Leverage your existing skills to build apps for the PlayBook using HTML5 or Adobe AIR.

In this session we'll size up the PlayBook to the competition and cover everything you'll need to get started with the BlackBerry Tablet OS.

We'll build an AIR app from scratch, test using the PlayBook simulator and walk through the steps for submitting to the BlackBerry App World.