Ahmed & Gill

Ahmed & Gill


Simon is the Executive Creative Director - he gets to work with brilliantly talented people every day to make stuff like Brandon Generator. Oh and he's from Yorkshire and supports Leeds United.


The Random Adventures of Internet Explorer

In February 2012, Simon, Riaz and their compadres started work on an ambitious development project to highlight the new openness and capability of Internet Explorer 9.

Released over four episodes the online experience tells the story of struggling writer Brandon Generator; the creation of Hollywood Director Edgar Wright beautifully illustrated and animated by Tommy Lee Edwards.
This crowd sourced animated feature, created using the latest HTML5 techniques, invited people to contribute their ideas, prose and drawings for each of the episodes, in an immersive, interactive experience, that looked to redefine what the web film could be.

Come hear the the story of this Internet Explorer Production, covering the creative and the technical, the story, the crowd and everything in between.