Amber Weinberg

Amber Weinberg


I’m a freelance front-end developer located in beautiful Nashville, Tennessee. I’ve been making websites since my early days of middle school in 1998 when frames, tables, and animated GIFs were the cool kids (true!). I’ve been in business since 2008 and work mostly with design agencies and other freelancers. I’ve been specializing in front-end development, WordPress, and responsive design for several years now, and enjoy a good coding challenge. Subtle CSS3 animations are now a favorite of mine, and I enjoy the little things in life, like browser compatibility and alphabetized CSS rules. Code organization and semantics are extremelyimportant to me, and I usually end up spending extra time just to rewrite a module to be a little bit clearer or easier to find. I’ve guest written for several blogs, spoken and attended events in both the UK and the US, as well as contributed to several different side projects. I enjoy staying busy! OFFLINE LIFE My work assistants are two fuzzy bichon frises and a miniature dachshund. When I’m not coding, I prefer to be somewhere in England, near a body of water or exploring. I’m always traveling to new places and lived in London for a year in 2012. I also enjoy knitting and reading as hobbies.


Practical CSS3 Animations For You & Your Clients

We all know and love the devs who can make social media icons entirely out of CSS3, or somehow manage to animate everything possible on a page.
But that's not practical to use in live environments for normal clients. In this session, I'd like to talk over some techniques and hints for subtle animations you can actually use on a site.
I'll walk you through basic CSS3 animations and transitions, as well as some tips on usability and how to not annoy the user.