Andreas Rønning

Andreas Ronning


I'm an independent, multidisciplinary developer with a history of diverse, successful projects of varying scale.

Since 2001 I've gained significant experience crafting solutions for advertising, installations, game development, in-house tooling and mobile experiences, straddling the front and back ends with an emphasis on improving team cohesion and workflow.

I'm proud, driven, impassioned, quick to learn and result-oriented, caring as much about the process and the work environment as I do for delivering stable, satisfying work for my clients.

My favorite job is supporting a team of developers, designers and artists: Having that immediate loop of iteration and feedback is incredibly rewarding, and seeing what a team can do with tools tailored to their needs never ceases to amaze.


Cross platform game dev with Haxe NME

This session will go over the lessons learned during the development of a performance-intensive action game targeting Android and iPhone using the Haxe language and the NME framework.
The project was begun as a furtive investigation into the capabilities of NME as a possible alternative to Adobe AIR, but quickly turned into a full on embrace of the language, the framework and the community. At this point, our game would not exist if it weren't for NME. In plain terms, Haxe NME is f*cking amazing.
I'll also offer some commentary on the modern, diminishing role of the specialist developer, and what it means to be a free agent in a world where the specifics of the target platform threaten to govern who you are as a programmer, or even philosophically as a human being. Yay cyberpunk!


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