Dan Mall

Dan Mall


I’m Dan Mall, a creative director & advisor from Philadelphia; an enthralled husband and dad; founder & Director of SuperFriendly; and co-founder of Typedia, The Businessology Show, No Chains, and swfIR. I was formerly Design Director at Big Spaceship, Interactive Director at Happy Cog, a technical editor for A List Apart, and singer/keyboard player for contemporary-Christian band Four24.


Designish: Behind, beneath, and between the comps

Great pixelcraft used to be the mark of a great designer. Now it's barely cost of entry.

Let's investigate what the modern-day designer's job really is and uncover some treasures more important than our Photoshop canvases.

I'll be talking about these things in the context of my favorite projects that I've worked on, and I'll be sharing where things utterly failed and where they unexpectedly succeeded.