David Lenaerts

David Lenaerts


David is a freelance programmer and graphics developer based in Belgium with a strong preference for visually applied mathematics and physics in 2D and 3D.

He spends most of his time locked inside, babbling incoherently, smashing his keyboard and drinking coffee.

To pass the time between cups, he likes to create visually rich games, applications and graphics experiments.

During off moments when not coding, David is a bit of a Lego nut, a gaming enthusiast and wannabe musician known to abuse a musical instrument or two.


A Trick of Light

In the short time before it's absorbed by your retina, a single photon has already survived an incredibly dangerous journey. Imagine being thrown into the world at breakneck speeds, hurtling into and bounding off of objects - some of which are distinctly nasty to the touch - that are only too happy to absorb some of your precious life force.
Okay, perhaps overdramatising the propagation of light to make it sound like the next Michael Bay production seems like a stretch, but to a nerdy 3D programmer it's exactly that and more. Modeling how light travels through a 3D scene is one of the most essential and exciting tasks in creating a realistic looking setting, and with hardware accelerated content permeating the world far beyond consoles and desktop games, it has become more important than ever.
In this session, we'll explore the world of 3D and shader programming in as much a platform independent way as possible, so you can apply the techniques whether you're into Stage3D, WebGL, OpenGL, DirectX or advanced cave painting.


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