Des Traynor

Des Traynor


Hey, I’m Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Intercom, a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. We’ve raised $66M, and we have have over 8,000 happy customers. You can learn more about Intercom here.

I write and speak a lot about making products, specifically how to think about product strategy, and how to manage a product once it’s out in the wild. You can see some of my writing here. I’ve also authored three books on product management, customer engagement, and customer support.

I studied computer science in college, am a designer by trade, and of late I’ve worked on all sorts of areas, including Marketing, Events, HR, Recruitment, Product Strategy, Company Values, and much more that I’ve forgotten. I mix my time between San Francisco and Dublin, though I consider the latter “home.” My favorite/only hobby is soccer.

Please don’t ask what my “regular day-to-day” is, as there really isn’t one. Aside from that one, go ahead and ask me anything!


From Data To Insight

The world is drowning in data. Every new tool adds more to the mix. Making sense of that data and deriving meaningful insights has been left to professional statisticians.
Up until recently that is. Info-graphics & data visualisations are popping up everywhere but they don't always make sense.
Many horrible acts have been committed in the name of "Making this chart seem a bit more fun"
Getting the right data, and then getting the data right is a significant design challenge that touches on more domains than a UX designer will initially be familiar with.
If you intend to work with large data sets to answer questions about your company or application, or if you are tasked with summarising large amounts of data, or even if you've just been told to "design the new dashboard" then this is the session for you.