Johanna Kollmann

Johanna Kollmann


My name is Johanna Kollmann and I've been working in User Experience since 2004. After gaining experience in both in-house and agency-side roles, most recently at Sidekick Studios, I started Us And The Machines Ltd in May 2014. You can hire me as a freelance product strategist, information architect, and researcher. I have experience in leading projects and teams.


Collaboration hacks - let's do great together

Design is about envisioning a better future, and working towards making it happen.
Changing the world around us by creating things is innately human. When we create together, magic can happen - or disaster can strike.
These days, we take a job because of the people we work with. A great team is key for a startup to get investment.
We strive to work in multi-skilled, balanced teams and end up spending a lot of time with our colleague-friends.
Collaboration is such a joy, but often incredibly difficult.
In this session, I'll look into what makes people play well together, and share what has helped me collaborate better.
I'll talk about what I've learned about collaboration from UX, agile software development and lean startup, about cognitive diversity, the role of values and vision, and you'll walk away with practical 'collaboration hacks'.