Matt Barringer

Matt Barringer


I work with clients to bring their products to life on screen, from Mobile, to web and TV; I provide designs, animations and web applications that work across devices and platforms.

With a love of coding, a background in design and illustration, and having spent the bulk of my career working in TV, I have a in depth understanding of cross platform design and development.


Design to divs via data and some bits in between

The past couple of years at CNN International have been a bit of a whirlwind, I worked on a great Flash project for the last World Cup - and then promptly decided to change tack and explore the world of Javascript - at first it felt like going back to basics, but 2 years on I'm now having more fun than ever.
In my session I'll be going through some of my javascript/dataviz work from the past year or so - touching on design, coding and data - as well as my current obsession with DIV's (especially bouncy ones), the wonder of jQuery and the odd/great position I am in working on concepts, designs, prototyping and implementation of most of my work.