Mike Jones

Mike Jones


Mike Jones is a technologist and enabler. He has worked for multiple clients and assisted numerous companies in defining and developing innovative solutions across multiple platforms and devices.

Day to day he provides consultation, training and development services, and his expertise has been employed by the likes of BBC, British Telecom, Sony, Adobe, Mars, Diesel and UBS to name a few.

As a former Platform Evangelist at Adobe, Mike has presented workshops and sessions art various international conferences and is well versed in speaking on both technical and business oriented topics.


Designing Game Interfaces

When talking about game interfaces many people barely give them a second thought. They are those screens, overlays, HUDs (call them what you will), that the majority of us ignore, or rapidly click our way through to get back in to 'the action'.
Why are some game's interfaces more successful than others? Are they more of an annoyance than a benefit; just used to contain functionality that doesn't fit in the overall game mechanic? Has the interface evolved beyond those early days of Pong solely from a graphical perspective, or has there been a fundamental change in how the interface 'talks' to the player?
In this session Mike will look at the 'language' of game interfaces and how it has evolved and how the explosion of touch-based devices has brought it's own approach to interface design and development. This talk is open to all and while it is sometimes technical, other times philosophical, it will take a side-long glance at the psychology of game interface design and you won't need a degree to participate.

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