Mike Kus

Mike Kus


Mike is a UK based designer specialising in Web/UI Design, Graphic Design, Branding, Illustration & Photography. He has a worldwide client roster and his work is regulary featured in design related publications.

Mike is also a regular speaker at design/tech conferences. As well being a designer, Mike likes to take photographs and share them on Instagram.

He has a following of around 850,000 people. He's worked on photography projects for many brands, including Burberry, Land Rover, Red Bull, O2 and the Northern Ireland Tourist Board.


Twitter, Berocca, Microsoft - 10 questions that helped me help them

How does a designer get to work with blue chip companies, do they approach the designer, does the designer have to sell his soul, what if I am a one man band and think I am good enough to work to get high profile work?
In this session, Mike is going to throw it open to you. He has 10 questions that he is always asked, he will go through those questions, show you examples of his work, talk about his process, his methods and let you fire questions at him too!
Here are 10 questions that Mike gets asked regularly:
È How did you get into design and how did you arrive at where you are today?
È How does a designer make a name for them self?
È How do you stay motivated?
È How important is being creative in Web Design?
È Talk us through the way you might approach a general project?
È How do you fight creative block?
È Do you have any tips for dealing with clients.
È What books or resources have you used over the years to improve your design skills?
È How important is User Experience in Web Design?
È If you could give only one piece of advice to another design, what would it be?


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