Relly Annett‑Baker

Relly Annett‑Baker


Relly Annett-Baker is a writer, speaker and web content person. Occasionally she uses this blog as an attempt to capture the way she works and what she does, so that it will encourage others to make their content spick and span. Other than that, it has hearsay, happenstance and heresy.

Relly lives in Brighton with her husband, Paul Annett, and their two small sons. As a result she thrives on sea air and can be guaranteed to stand barefoot on Lego at least once a day.


Speak up for the people at the back: public speaking and presenting for the curious.

Relly Annett-Baker is not a natural wielder of powerpoint. Neither has she trained to become a public speaker. And yet, almost entirely accidentally, Relly has been trusted to speak sense at web and content conferences worldwide.

From explaining research to clients to speaking at big events, everyone needs some presentation skills. If you've ever had an opinion or research to share but wondered how you would go about it - and could you actually get up in front of people to present it - this talk is for you.

We'll make a whistlestop tour of everything from story telling shapes and easy-peasy ways to make slides that don't suck, to getting your first opportunity to present and what kind of underwear to wear (no, really!).