Ros Horner

Ros Horner


Ros Horner is a London based (print turned digital) Design Director, working on apps and websites and things for clients including Adidas, Reebok, McLaren, Volvo and Moet. A lover of luxury design and new technology Ros is however, still the proud owner of a Nokia 6230 with a two week battery life and an iMac with no internet connection. Because design should improve things!

Ros tries to balance her on and off screen work (and life), and with a background in fashion magazines, and branding her work has a strong foundation in ideas, and craft.


Things I wish I'd thought of

Reasons to be Creative? Trust me when I say, if your family are in the circus and you work in advertising, you are not the creative one.
Hear about this and the other challenges I face (and occasionally overcome) as a 'creative' in a corporate world.
And, like all good self deprecating creative types I am faced every day by things I wish I'd thought of, ideas I wish I'd had, people who are better at Photoshop than me etc etc.
But it's ok. I've learned from all this (and made lists), and now I can share those learnings with you.
You should also know that I strongly considered calling this session "The top 10 creative life lessons I've learned from wrestling star The Rock". But I'll save that for next year...


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