Simon Widjaja

Simon Widjaja


Simon Widjaja is a creative programmer, author, and IT trainer, as well as an experienced Flash developer and Edge designer. He lives in Cologne, where he works with his team developing new Edge extensions such as sound, CMS integration, and adaptive layouts. Simon regularly publishes news, tutorials, and videos on Adobe Edge at, Adobe TV, and Weave magazine.


WTF? - Another banner authoring tool?

"WTF - yet another banner authoring tool?" Something like that came to my mind when Adobe introduced Edge over a year ago, and I was still dating Flash and Flex.
Oh boy - I have been so wrong. After taking the tool on another date or two it turned out Edge Animate grew to a great companion for creative coders.
The two of us spent a reasonable amount of time together ever since, and our relationship became pretty serious over the last three months.
After the first shy touches, numerous insightful experiments and sleepless nights immersed into the worlds of animation, CMS integration, realtime communication and even some dirty games, I'm ready to take it to the next level and confess it publicly: Edge Animate, I can't live without you anymore!
Edge Animate is definetely not limited to sexy web animations. Let me take you on a journey through what I've explored so far.
Note: There will be no banners in this session!