Dave Isbitski


Building an HTML5/JS App for Windows 8

Space Cadet is a Windows 8 Metro Style App developed using HTML5 and JavaScript. The intent of this session is to help HTML5/JavaScript developers with writing their first Metro Style App in a fun, immersive way. The code for the game will be distributed during the session, and developers will be able to freely re-use the code in future apps. Space Cadet starts out as small game with a functional game loop. Functionality is added to the game, as each new topic is introduced, including:

È HTML5 Canvas
È HTML5 Audio
È CSS3 Styling and Web Fonts
È Implementing a Game Loop with JavaScript
È Third Party Frameworks
È Touch
È Camera Access
È Accelerometer
È WinJS Controls

The session ends with HTML5/JavaScript developers having a baseline knowledge to build their own Windows 8 apps sell them in the new Windows Store. Plus... there will be giveaways!