Doug Winnie


WTFDIDN? 'What the #$@& Do I Do Now?'

If there is one constant in the universe, it is change. It happens, and we always have to deal with it. In the last year, our industry has changed, and we unfortunately are dealt with the growing pains to change with it. This time however, the change has impacted us on multiple fronts, and it has affected our perception with clients and customers, and in some ways has challenged our livelihood.

In this session, Doug Winnie will walk through where the industry has been, where it is today and map out the challenge to continue to have mastery in the technical skills that we are facing. As the industry is changing however, we as individuals need to change the way we equip for it. Doug will explore through the various principles and disciplines that are universal for all projects we are working with that form the common language between all of us, and then help you choose a technology path that you love - instead of feeling forced into a path that you won't enjoy.

Doug will also introduce a visual way to represent the technical and disciplinary aspirations we each set for ourselves and how these can be used to map out professional development and training to reach these goals. So join Doug - Get out your aggression, vent your fears, and get ready to transform yourself in ways you never thought possible.


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