Stacey Mulcahy


Stacey Mulcahy is a technical evangelist with Microsoft focusing on Modern Web Technologies and IoT. She spends much of her free time volunteering with Young Game Makers and Code Liberation. In a previous life, she was the Lead Developer working with a variety of technologies at Big Spaceship, a digital agency based out of Brooklyn, NY.


The Responsible Response to Responsive Design

After many years of people proclaiming that Òits the year of mobile,Ó it looks like that year might have actually decided to make an appearance and plans on staying. LetÕs talk about what could arguably be this yearÕs biggest buzz term Ñ Òresponsive design.Ó This session will, in that uniquely Stacey way, look at what it is, and what it isnÕt and evaluate the realities of a mobile first approach using recent project case studies.

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