Zander Brimijoin

Zander Brimijoin


Fun With the Physical

The feeling of pressing an elevator button, the creak of an old bike seat, and the satisfying drop of a quarter into an arcade machineÑthese are simple and subtle real world events we can all relate to, and there is no reason we canÕt bring them with us into the digital world. When art and interactions can come to life simply through a projector, itÕs more important than ever to engage people on a tactile level. There are still experiences to be made beyond the mouse, touch screens and swipey menus.
The delightful complexities found in the most mundane physical activities are often inspiring. Instead of trying to replicate these digitally, we will talk through the process of augmenting these objects and emotions into real world installations that elevate them into something special. Through iterative processes, weÕll talk about our relationship with these objects and how we attempt to use them to make biking, partying, and jumping on stuff even more fun than they already are.