Dan Rubin

Dan Rubin


A designer, photographer, and user experience advocate, Dan Rubin speaks at conferences and teaches workshops around the world on various topics, as well as having worked with clients including MailChimp, Google, Yahoo!, Microsoft, Meebo, Geffen/Universal, and IDEO.

Following a stint as Creative Director for MOO.COM in London, Dan currently works with clients around the world through Webgraph, a design, branding, strategy, and development studio he co-founded in 1999.


Why We Do What We Do

Motivation Ñ it isn't just a question of what gets us out of bed each morning, makes us work harder on some days than others, helps us quit our jobs or rewrite our lives so we may follow our hearts; from money to passion, our motives influence how and why we solve problems, the morals we apply to our work and our personal lives, and every decision Ñ large or small Ñ we make along the way.

Dan explores how we each approach this question of what drives us and how it affects our lives and our work, through anecdotes from friends, colleagues, historical figures, and personal experience, reminding us of the importance of challenging our motives, and ourselves, to get the best out of life.