Jon Burgerman

Jon Burgerman


Jon Burgerman is a UK born, NYC based artist instigating improvisation and play through drawing and spectacle. He is a purveyor of doodles and is often credited and referenced as the leading figure in the popular 'Doodle' art style.

His work is placed between fine art, urban art and pop-culture, using humour to reference and question his contemporary milieu. His is a pervasive and instantly recognisable aesthetic that exists across a multitude of forms including canvases, large scale murals (indoor and outside), sculpture, toys, apparel, design, print and people (as tattoos and temporary drawings).

Jon's work has been featured in many newspapers, magazines, books and blogs around the world. Some of these include:

Al Jezerra America, BBC, The New York Times, The Guardian newspaper, Coolhunting, BuzzFeed, Huffington Post, The Daily Mail, New York Daily, Flavourwire, Gothamist, Metro UK,, PSFK, The Telegraph Australia, Trendhunter,, Dazed and Confused, Be Street magazine, The Financial Times, Wooster Collective, Vandalog, Reedit, Bored Panda, Art-Magazin, Juxtapoz, AI-AP, Eye, Creative Review, Design Week, Edge, The Star Malaysia, JoongAng Daily newspaper (Korea), Slam Hype, Format magazine.


Oh No, Another Talk. Can't we just have fun instead?

Have you ever slumped back into your office chair and wondered where on Earth you'll gather the strength you need to get through the rest of the day without stapling Post-it notes to your forehead and repeatedly smacking yourself across the face with your keyboard?

Do you gaze open mouthed at the little spinning beach ball on your monitor, nose pressed up against the screen, as warm dribble slowly drips down from your chin like a silverly wet spiders web, and ponder the bigger questions in life; Why are we here? What can I do to make it better? What am I going to eat for dinner?

If this sounds at all familiar then this is the session for you!

Come and be soothed and sedated by Jon's tall tales of creativity, inspiration, screwing things up and trying to be happy.

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