You are a great artist. You just don't know it yet!

What do you do in a world that has become dull and predictable?

Where everybody thinks they think different but still dance to same beat? You get the band back together and go Psyko. Code like nobody's watching. Experiment, play, fail, learn and build what you love to build.

This is the story of Psykopaint...

How we play, How we work, How we managed to convince some people of our sanity. How we got a heapload of cash from those people without selling too big a chunk of our souls. How we are going make everyone express their creativity without skills. How we write bios that are smart and wacky but not too crazy so you don't get scared because that's the 6th time we re-write it and we're worried you think we're trying too hard.

Psykosoft - A bit crazy... and completely soft.